About Us

Mission Statement for Vermont Food Safety TaskForce

The Vermont Food Safety Task Force comprises representatives of food producers, processors, retailers, restaurants, food service, and other food handlers; government; academia; consumer groups; service providers; and other stakeholders committed to improving food safety from farm to table in Vermont through education, coordination, collaboration and communications.

The anticipated role of the Vermont Food Safety Task Force is to:

  1. Act as an advisory body for state level food safety regulatory authorities;
  2. Identify gaps in communication and collaboration among the various food safety stakeholders and develop strategies to implement improvements;
  3. Assess educational and research needs for industry and consumers and develop strategies to address the needs;
  4. Address other food safety and defense issues as the need arises;
  5. Identify funding gaps and potential resources in food safety.


Objectives/ priority actions for Food Safety Task Force to address:

1.      Develop a website that provides access to the following:

  • food safety regulations,
  • information on FSMA,
  • training opportunities in the state,
  • potential funding resources,
  • consumer food safety information,
  • basic food microbiology information,
  • and other relevant food safety-related information

2.      Regarding the transition to regulations under FSMA,

a)      Promote inter-agency collaboration

b)      Facilitate information dissemination to industry 

3.      Strengthen stakeholder collaboration and information sharing on food safety and defense-related emergency preparedness and response

4.      Facilitate the development of a voluntary food safety training certification program for processed/value-added producers

5.      Strengthen food safety education and training opportunities in the state

6.      Convene an advisory board for updating of state food regulations



Numerous people representing various groups have been and continue to participate in the Food Safety Task Force.  A graphic depicting those listing those individuals that have been involved as of December 2012 is available by hovering your cursor over the "About" tab above and then selecting the "Vermont Food Safety Task Force participants" link.